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Post  MrSmilez on Tue Jan 17, 2012 5:50 am

Howdy y'all I'm Mr.Smilez and i have been for 19 years Razz. I started playing in Legend of the Blue-Eyes but took a long break once the game started to break super hard with Makiyura until about the end of the Zombie/Diva/Twilight uprising where i made a miraculous rebirth returning to piss everyone off with Exodia FTK for a couple terms til it got too monotonous. So i picked up a plants list with a fabled twist and that kept my wining streak going. Currently I'm playing a deck I've dubbed Little Kid Control cause hell it looks like a little kid found his shiniest best cards and made a deck out of it, it's currently 107-23-2 against most meta decks (inzectors included) and some rogue decks. well that was long winded so ill bid y'all adeau, if ya need anything or have any questions for me just give me a hollar ^_^. take it easy and stay frosty Razz

<3 Smilez

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